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Eskabo Daan

A Filipino Martial Art created by SGM Robert Castro

Eskabo Daan is a Filipino martial art based in San Francisco, CA. It is the culmination and reflection of Senior Grandmaster Robert Castro’s journey through the martial arts. Eskabo is an acronym, which stands for Eskrima (E), Serrada (S), Kali (K), Arnis (A), Boxing (B), and Jeet Kun Do (O). Daan, means “the way” in Tagalog.

Eskabo Daan is an eclectic art which encompasses impact weapons, bladed weapons, empty hands, disarms, locks/submissions and takedowns There is something for everyone to learn from our system, whether you're an advanced practitioner or just starting out. Check out a class to learn more!


Upcoming Seminars

April 12-13

Senior Grandmaster Robert Castro will in Vienna, Austria from April 12-13

Location: Center 6, Kurzgasse 6, A-1060 Wien

More information: At the website or e-mail

April 24-25

Senior Grandmaster Robert Castro will in Kraków, Poland from April 24-25, 2024

2024-05 Grandmasters of the Blade.jpg

May 19, 2024

Senior Grandmaster Robert Castro will one of the  featured grandmasters for an all-blade seminar in Benicia, California.

Location: Benicia Boxing & Martial Arts, 2002 Columbus Pkwy, Benicia, CA 94510

Registration: 1-707-477-1159 or email

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